A concept album about lockdown, inspired by your words.

How has this time of isolation been for you? Weaving together the words and stories of the British public with a unique blend of rap, jazz, a cappella and verbatim theatre, “Isolation, In Your Words” provides a soundtrack to the global lockdown. Musicians Mandeep Singh (‘Mandeep.’), Leanne Sedin, Kevin Fox and producer Arun Dhanjal (‘Zar’) use intimate interview footage to craft 14 tracks featuring 19 musicians, all co-ordinated remotely during lockdown.


Each track captures a unique lockdown story: 4-year-old Sara and new grandmother Felicity miss their cuddles. Frankie is used to being alone, but this is a new kind of loneliness. Ramadan is very different this year for Sayra’s family. Matthew enjoys having nothing to do but, struggles with the lack of structure. Janet, living with cancer, feels even more restricted and uncertain. This documentary approach to songwriting blurs the line between music and social research to create a snapshot of this unique moment in history.


Commissioned for Culture in Quarantine, funded and supported by The Space Arts, BBC Arts and Arts Council England.


Moods Morph In Moments (ft. Sarathy Korwar)

Mandeep., Leanne Sedin

Been Quite Strange

Leanne Sedin, Arun Dhanjal

Yourself By Yourself (ft. Noah Stoneman)

Kevin Fox

Bad Hip (ft. Sarathy Korwar)

Plumm, Mandeep.

Hugs (ft. Kids)

Mandeep., Leanne Sedin, Matt Gedrych, Jack Robson

Can't Catch My (ft. Plumm)

Mandeep., Zar

National premier:
Saturday 31st October, 21:25, BBC Radio 3.

The album premiered as a condensed 30 minute piece on BBC Radio 3,  on the legendary ‘Between The Ears’ show. Click here to listen.

The full, extended version will be releasing for streaming and purchase in 2021, with 4 singles leading up to it. The first single is ‘Nothing To Do‘, available now.